Video is the language of the future. Poems in the form of video seek to bend light in their expression, yet the simple filters and generic warping of most apps are inadequate. Luminancer is an instrument for radical expression. By overloading the luminance channel with strobeing colors and video feedback, Luminancer defines itself as an instrument of abstract video. Video doesn't have to be a literal replaying of material events it can also capture the interaction of motion and light. Luminancer gets it's visual effect from the cycle of luminance overload and feedback loops. Combining tropes from an earlier era of experimental video art with the power of modern digital technology Luminancer makes it possible for iOS videographers to create and share cyberpsychedelic events the moment they happen. Luminancer supports capturing videos and still images with psychedelic effects.

Rainbow Extraction from booltox on Vimeo.


Engage in conflict that contradicts natural logic. In a distant space the appearance of a mysterious tower brought devastation to a lush forest. Nothing but dust and emptiness remain. You are given the last seed to plant in the only place where life can still grow. The tower itself. You must plant and nurture an insurgent garden. But as you ascend, a deeper truth is revealed to you. Something much larger must be destroyed. ….

Damage Jot